Honda Tech Update
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Tech Update 2014 TrainingExpand Tech Update 2014 Training

Tech Update is one of the requirements for maintaining Power-Pro and/or Power Choice dealer status.

To maintain your Power-Pro and/or Power Choice dealer status, someone in your dealership must take and pass the test for the module titled: 14TU1 2014 Tech Update.

80% or better is a passing score.

You have until March 31, 2014 to complete the training and pass the test.

Top Tech 2014

The Top Tech test and prize is back for 2014 and available on the Online University via the Interactive Network ONLY.

To qualify for Top Tech, you must take and pass the Tech Update 2014 test with 80% or better.

The top 300 Top Tech scores will receive one pair of Snap-On® Fixed Tip, Reversible, 90°, Retaining Ring Pliers.